Best Nest thermostat deals slash prices as low as $89 | BGR

2023-01-03 13:17:34 By : Ms. Lucy Wang

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Best Nest thermostat deals slash prices as low as $89 | BGR

The Nest Learning Thermostat is still widely regarded as the best smart thermostat out there. Nest’s first model started the smart thermostat crazy, and it seems like a lifetime ago. But what’s crazy is that all these years later, it’s still one of the best in the business. Now, however, there’s a much less expensive Nest that’s just as good. And thanks to Amazon’s rare Nest Thermostat deals, it’s the same price today as it was on Black Friday!

This new Nest deal is just as good as the price we saw during the biggest sales of the year. You’ll pay as little as $89 for the newest Nest Thermostat out there. Or, if you want to upgrade to the flagship model with an OLED screen and a stainless steel enclosure, you can get the Nest Learning Thermostat for $194 instead of $250.

Those are both the lowest prices of the year, so it’s a great time to invest in either one.

But forget all that because the Nest Thermostat pays for itself in energy savings. This rare price cut just means it’ll pay for itself even faster.

Also, there is no question whatsoever that this deal is going to end soon. As a matter of fact, it’s already over for several different Nest options.

Prices have already risen back up into the $120 range for some colorways. Others are no longer on sale at all, like the charcoal color that so many people like. At the time of this writing, only two color options were still available at the $89 price point.

Long story short, you definitely need to hurry up or you might miss out!

Image source: Nest The first-generation Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon packed a range of brilliant convenience and energy-saving features. It also had a design that was sleek and stylish. Needless to say, it was a total game-changer when it was first released.

Long story short, the Nest Learning Thermostat had it all. What you might not realize, however, is that there are other options like the newest Nest Thermostat that are just as good but half the price.

It seems like most people out there believe that Nest’s flagship thermostat is still the best smart thermostat on the planet. Truth be told, you won’t hear any arguments from us. In fact, we use the Learning Thermostat in our own home and we love it.

The problem is that the Nest Learning Thermostat is quite expensive compared to some of the newer options out there. Even when it’s on sale at a discount on Amazon, it’s still usually around $200.

The good news is that you can get all the smart features that make Nest’s Learning Thermostat so great in the newer, less expensive model called simply the Nest Thermostat.

It retails for $130 and that’s already a bargain. But, if you head to Amazon right now, you’ll see that there’s a rare Nest Thermostat deal available to save you some cash.

We should note that some colorways are already back to full price. That means if you don’t hurry, you’ll probably miss this great deal.

Image source: Nest The newest Nest Thermostat doesn’t have the same sleek stainless steel design as the flagship model. But if you ask us, it features a different design that’s just as stylish. The face of the new Nest has a unique mirror finish with a digital display underneath it. It also comes in four different colors to match any home decor.

Most importantly, of course, the Nest Thermostat includes all of the important smart features from the flagship model. You’ll be able to control your thermostat from anywhere using the Nest app or your voice thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa support.

On top of that, you’ll save plenty of money on your energy bill thanks to Nest’s intelligent features that tune your settings constantly and learn from your behavior.

With a list price of just $130, Google’s newest Nest Thermostat is a terrific value. All things considered, it may very well be the best value out there even without any Nest Thermostat deals. Plus, it’s going to pay for itself in savings on your energy bills.

But if you head over to Amazon right now and pick one up, you’ll pay as little as $89!

The only bad news is that we’ve seen this discount disappear already on a few different color options. Some colorways are completely sold out, as a matter of fact.

In the past when this has happened, it means you probably don’t have much time left to get in on the action.

On the rare occasions that the newest Nest Thermostat goes on sale on Amazon, you have to take get in on the action. And right now, it’s on sale at the lowest price we’ve seen in months.

Here are the key takeaways so you know what you’re getting if you take advantage of this Nest Thermostat deal:

Google’s newest Nest Thermostat has all the same features as the pricier model. What it doesn’t have, however, is that signature stainless steel design. The other big difference is the beautiful OLED screen on the Learning Thermostat.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is so sleek and sophisticated that many people out there are willing to pay more for it. If you want the best of the best, there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, it still pays for itself in energy savings. It learns from you and programs itself!

First, there is an Auto-Schedule feature that means you don’t have to program it yourself. Then, the Home/Away Assist helps you save money. This way, your heat or air conditioning isn’t used as much when you’re away from home.

Head over to Amazon right now and you’ll find a limited-time discount. It’s still more expensive than the base model, but it’s worth the extra cash to plenty of people out there.

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Best Nest thermostat deals slash prices as low as $89 | BGR

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