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2022-06-10 19:21:07 By : Ms. Eileen Bai

No matter what sort of medical-grade face-mask you own and use, I guarantee you it has at least one component that needs to be disposed of or replaced every few weeks. Whether it’s a surgical mask that needs to be disposed of entirely or a hard-shell mask with replaceable filter-inserts, every mask out there, reusable or not, generates some form of waste. While some would say that’s just the price humanity has to pay to keep us safe, the team at Vault Creation doesn’t believe in creating non-biodegradable waste as a by-product of human safety.

Meet VoGuard, a mask with components that can be reused over and over. It comes with a flexible medical-grade PVC outer that fits on any face-type, and a unique filter you can wash and reuse multiple times. Unlike disposable fabric filters that get fitted into most masks, VoGuard actually uses a perforated polyester film that can be washed, sanitized, and reused over and over again. Vault Creation, the company behind VoGuard, develops these innovative polyester filters in-house. They use a patented plasma ion-beam dry-etching technique to create 5-micron perforations in the film, allowing it to trap particles and droplets that may contain viral inhalants and harmful particles, while letting clean air pass through. The polyester construction enables VoGuard’s filters to last much longer than regular fabric filters since they can be washed and reused multiple times (although you should switch the filters for a fresh pair every 6 months for sanitary reasons).

VoGuard’s filters were made to be easy to clean and reuse. Simply wash them under running water with soap (as you would your hands) gently lathering up the surface before rinsing the soap off, and your filter is as good as new. If you’re in a bit of a rush, you could even use disinfecting wipes to wipe-down your filters, spray them with sanitizer, or rub sanitizer-gel onto them… Once clean, the plyester filters are good to use again. VoGuard’s filters use incredibly tiny perforations (measuring 5-microns in diameter) to trap particles, unlike fabric and melt-blown filters that trap particles using static electricity. Think of it as a fine-mesh sieve that prevents particles larger than the holes in it from passing through. Not only does this mean VoGuard’s filters last a whole lot longer than traditional static filters, but it also increases breathability by as much as 3x, allowing only clean air to flow through freely, and letting you breathe more comfortably than most other surgical or N95 masks. The presence of filters on both the left and right side of the face ensures that your air is filtered both while inhaling as well as while exhaling, keeping you as well as others around you safe.

That impressive feat aside, VoGuard is a comfortable, portable mask that’s designed for battling bad air quality as well as staying safe from potentially infectious diseases. Its flexible soft-PVC body allows it to fold and fit into your pockets, and when opened, it conforms to the shape of your face to prevent the creation of air-gaps. The PVC outer body as well as the filters are easy to clean and maintain too, and can be sanitized with a spray or a wipe, or rinsed under running water with soap. This allows you to use VoGuard over and over without generating medical waste (those surgical masks don’t biodegrade, btw) or spending sums of money on new masks and filters every time. The masks come in a single size, in classic black and pristine white color options, and ship as early as November 2020. If VoGuard reaches its stretch goal, you’ll even get a free anti-bacterial pouch along with each mask!

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The VoGuard is a reusable face mask with a patented plasma ion-beam dry-etching technique to create 5-micron perforations in the film that physically block droplets & harmful particles while allowing free airflow.

Have you ever wondered how the super HD quality works on your television? That exact same technology was applied in the VoGuard filters.

Vault Creation was able to invent the Advanced Plasma Machine and etch micro-sized holes through its patented invention.

Vault Creation used its technology to be the first in the world to etch 5 μm holes on a PET film—a material safe enough to be used in food packaging. Unlike typical masks that uses static electricity to filter, VoGuard blocks any particles that are larger than 5 μm including droplets that carry harmful particles.

An accredited testing center based in Japan called KAKEN tested and proved that the filter in VoGuard blocked 99.9% of pollen.

This experiment shows that VoGuard was able to block a majority of the fine dust, even with the extremely high air pressure — a notable result to consider from the experiment.

Compared to most masks which use three layers of filter, VoGuard only uses one layer of filter, making air easier to pass through.

The Testing & Research Institute performed numerous tests and experiments to prove the science behind this unique filter technology. The results show that VoGuard offers THREE TIMES MORE breathability than masks with melt blown filters. Melt Blown Filter Breathability: 349 / VoGuard Filter Breathability: 1073.6

The Breathability Experiment shows that VoGuard allowed the most air flow when air was blown through the filters with an air compressor.

Melt blown filters and cloth masks are classified as disposable because they can be easily contaminated. VoGuard is made from medical-grade PVC (safe for your skin), making it easy to clean with water and wipes. If you’re in a rush, it can even be sanitized with wipes.

The filters are polyester film perforated with 5 μm holes by the Advanced Plasma Machine. It is washable with water, sanitizing wipe or spray to be kept clean and sanitized.

VoGuard is versatile and easy to take with you because it can be folded without being crumpled and destroyed.

Save up to $329 per year by not purchasing disposable masks regularly. VoGuard was designed to be used semi-permanently so you don’t have to worry about hoarding all those disposable masks.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $49 (40% off). Hurry, only 40/250 left!

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