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2022-03-11 08:15:23 By : Mr. Chomy Huang

Last updated: Mon 28 Feb 2022, 9:47 AM

The cold transport market in the UAE is expected to grow really fast, with a substantial high demand for temperature sensitive and perishable goods, food and pharmaceuticals, alongside an increase in consumer spending on retail goods, expected due to population growth. The UAE is determined to reduce economic dependence on oil and is a crucial logistics hub owing to its strategic advantage based on its geographical location in the GCC region and increasing government investment in infrastructure development

Established in 1973, Techni-cal Supplies & Services Company (TSSC), is a one-stop solutions provider for the cold chain, building and housing industry. A member of Harwal Group, the company has long been a pioneer in the manufacture of isothermal bodyworks. Headquartered in the UAE, with manufacturing and sales facilities across the region including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Russia. TSSC employs the latest construction techniques to produce over 200 insulated vehicle bodies per month to the highest standards which guarantee thermal efficiency and durability.

From small to large, mid-temperature to deep-frozen, TSSC’s Refrigerated Truck Division builds refrigerated vehicle bodies for pickups, trucks, vans and trailers according to specific requirements. These vehicle bodies are ideal for transporting dry goods as well as food products such as dairy, poultry, meat, fruits and juices. Insulated bodies can be constructed to maintain temperatures as low as -25°C. Some of the other industries apart from food and beverage that utilise TSSC products and services include the pharmaceutical and medical industry for transporting temperature-sensitive medicines, medical samples and medical waste products, the beauty / cosmetic industry — heat and direct sunlight can have chemical effects on beauty products — the animal livestock industry and the electronics industry — low temperature is a critical factor for sensitive electronic equipment.

A few features of the products that makes TSSC stand out are its unique aerodynamic profile box designs that help reduce drag and improves fuel efficiency, high insulation panels that improve temperature retention, temperature monitoring system, and the choice of flooring panels for different applications — anti-skid aluminum checkered plate , food safe and water proof GRP and T profile checkered aluminium for better air circulation. Other features include refrigerated trailers with multi- temperature movable partitions, range of accessories from European partners — meat hanging, PVC curtains, under slider tail lifts, range of shelving. Unlike other manufacturers, TSSC does not design box structure for chiller vans — panels are designed and installed to provide maximum cubic storage space. In addition to after sales service we offer comprehensive service for refrigersted boxes at our service centres in Sharjah and Dubai Investment Park.

TSSC continues to invest in green initiatives that are in line with its commitment towards a more sustainable engineering in terms of design and production. Its solar powered refrigeration unit provides various benefits such as less energy consumption, less noise pollution, elimination of emissions from diesel exhausts and less dependency on the truck engines to maintain cooling in cases where engines are shut off. TSSC’s innovative solutions also include Eutectic plate systems for freezer applications, which ensures the maintenance of temperature inside a refrigerated truck for long periods, even after the unit has been disconnected from the power supply.

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