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Basic information of Flexible PVC Sheet/Transparent PVC Soft Sheet (1)Size: Thickness: 0.1mm to 7mm; Width:500mm to 2400mm; length:10m to 50m(2)Colors: Natural clear or Light blue.(3)Style: Smooth  The advantages of Flexible PVC Sheet:(1)High intensity, high

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Basic information of Flexible PVC Sheet/Transparent PVC Soft Sheet 
(1)Size: Thickness: 0.1mm to 7mm; Width:500mm to 2400mm; length:10m to 50m
(2)Colors: Natural clear or Light blue.
(3)Style: Smooth 
The advantages of Flexible PVC Sheet:
(1)High intensity, high degree of transparency
(2)High weather resistance, better physical properties
(3)Non-toxic;No crack;No bubbles;No smell and pollution
(4)Health and good surface brightness
(6)Fire retardant and self-extinguishing
(7)Maintains temperature control by preventing cold air entering and warm air escaping
(8) Easy to Install and clean
They Are Ideal For:
(1)Pharmaceutical Industries;Hotels & Kitchen Area
(2)Packaging Industries;Manufacturing Plants
(3)Processing of Agricultural Products;Engineering Industry; Food Industry; Welding Industry

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Specifications of Soft PVC Sheet
Roll Sizes
Thickness0.5mm to 8.0mm
Width100mm to 1850mm
Length10m to 100m
Material Description
FinishSmooth or Double Ribbed
ColorsClear,Blue ,Yellow,Dark Bronze, Green, UV Red, Orange
Physical Properties
Light transmittanceASTM D1003%85
Shore A hardnessEN ISO868Sh A80
Tearing resistanceDIN 53515N/mm50
Tensile stength at breakEN ISO 527                  ASTM D 638N/mm²16
Elongation at break%340
Residual elong(after break)%68
Thermal conductivityASTM C177W/m.k0.16
Cold bend brittle tempISO 8570ºC-35
Min. usage tempEN 1876ºC-15
Max. usage tempEN ISO 306ºC150
Vicat softening tempºC 
Specific heat capacityISO 11357kj/kg.k1.6
Sound reductionDIN52210Db>35
Fire retardanceNF P 92-507         AS/NZS3837                 DIN 4102classeGrp4                             B2
UV/IRfilterEN 1598Filter..
UV resistanceISO 4892..yes
Charface buildupIEC 61087Sparksyes
Surface resistivityIEC60093Ω/4.10¹³
Water absorptionEN ISO 62%.0.2
DensityASTM D 792g/m31.25

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